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Waste Management is becoming a very critical situation nationwide. People can separate six kinds of material from their regular trash. The six kinds of material are plastic, glass, paper, cardboard, tin cans and aluminum foil containers.


O.C. Sanitation provides recycling services to the following communities:


Recycling in Dakota Dunes and Wynstone

Acceptable - milk jugs, liquid soap bottles, antifreeze jugs (# 1, 2, 5, 6, & 7) check bottom on containers
Unacceptable - Styrofoam, Saran Wrap, plastic bags, rigid plastics (e.g., toys, bottle caps, etc.)

Acceptable - newsprint, letter quality paper, computer paper, magazines, advertising & books with glossy pages, colored typing paper, junk mail.

Unacceptable - Please do not include glass in recyclable items as of 7/1/16.

Acceptable - corrugated cardboard, boxboard, fiber board (e.g., packaging boxes, food boxes, beverage boxes, tissue boxes, paper towel rolls, etc.)

Acceptable - tin cans and aluminum foil containers.
Unacceptable - aerosol cans and paint cans


  1. Please clean and rinse all containers.
  2. Plastics may be flattened to save space.
  3. Please DO NOT flatten tin cans.
  4. Discard all container lids in garbage.
  5. Fold cardboard into one by two-foot sections.
  6. Cardboard may be stacked next to container for pickup.
  7. Return all beverage cans and bottles to store for redemption if applicable.
  8. If your recycling pickup day falls on a holiday, pickup will be the preceding Monday
  9. Please have recyclables curbside by 7:00 a.m.
  10. No garbage or medical waste allowed in container.
  11. Please keep the recycling material clean and dry.
  12. Container remains the property of O.C. Sanitation


Recycling in Orange City, Alton, Hospers & Ireton

The two basic varieties of plastic that are being recycled are clear and colored plastics. This includes milk jugs, dishwashing liquid bottles, laundry bottles, shampoo bottles, antifreeze jugs and any container that holds a liquid (numbered 1-7). The separated plastic should be cleaned and rinsed as much as possible.

Newsprint, computer, white ledger, brown paper shopping bags glossy magazines, catalogs and phone books 1/2 or less and corrugated cardboard are acceptable.

Any tin container should be separated from the regular garbage. These containers should be rinsed and cleaned as much as possible.

We accept disposable foil containers, such as foil wrap, foil pie plates, aluminum pans, lasagna trays and foil TV dinner trays, and non-refundable pop cans. Rinse and clean the containers and then crumple it.

Northwest Iowa Area Solid Waste Agency & Recycling

Items that Are Recycled:

Waxed paper, waxed cardboard, envelopes with gum address labels or plastic windows, shoe boxes, cereal boxes, pop and beer boxes are recyclable.


Items Not to be Recycled:

Items that should not be recycled and should remain in your regular trash are:

  • Glass: Pyrex glass, window glass, light bulbs, mirrors, china or colored glass.
  • Plastics: Styrofoam, fast food containers, rigid plastics, laundry bags and disposable diapers.
  • Medical Wastes: are not recyclable and shouldn't be disposed of in the garbage either. This includes infectious wastes, needles and syringes, scalpels, urine specimens bottles, donated blood bottles and needles. This material should be disposed of at a hospital incinerator and the sharps should be ground up.

Please keep the recycling material clean and dry. Don't mix garbage with your recycled material.